Joshua Clay

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Joshua Clay

Director of IT Recruitment & IT Services

Cleveland, Ohio

About Josh

I've been involved in the IT/Computer Tech field for the past 20 years. Starting with amateur game development and eventually transitioning into a wide array of IT and Game Development practices, I've worked in virtually every role possible in the field. As an actual Software Engineer and DevOps I've pursued all avenues of knowledge and skill set to improve myself as both an executive, and a programmer.

I began as a C/CPP Programmer writing MUD Code in 1995 and have never looked back, always chasing the bigger better box until finally learning to think outside the boundaries of 'possible' and 'impossible' to find a way to breathe life into my ideas.  My time at Mythic, Sony and OBLE gave me the vital experience needed to lead from within, not above. Throughout my career I have striven to stay on the forefront of technological and management principles and evolution.

Transitioning from game development and executive management into staffing was odd to say the least, but I found my advanced technological skill set lent itself to staffing. Not wanting to be that unsolicited calling, cold emailing recruiter that we all hate, I learned to innovate my own procedures and practices to best fill the roles and needs of my clients, and find the best possible fit for my candidates. I don't believe in shoving a square into a circle just to fill a rec and you shouldn't either. Candidates have wants, needs, dreams and desires, and a good talent specialist works to fill those, not quotas.

Moving into the Director of IT Services and Staffing position at Staffworks was like venturing back into a familiar place.  Utilizing my history of executive management and team leadership along with my new skills in staffing allowed me to bring new procedures to the industry that we are using daily to find the best solutions for our clients, and our candidates.  We've got some great stuff coming up on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Facts about Josh

Favorite Quote
"Winter is Coming"

Favorite Books
Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan, Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin